Hustling at Everything

After a couple of conversations I realize that everything I am trying to do with my job, family, health, and life in general can fit easily into the category of a hustle. It’s not discouraging or meant to be inspiring, it just is what it is. I’ve realized that I can get comfortable not easily but I can eventually. The only way around that is to remind yourself of your “why?”. It sounds easy when I put it like that but it’s not that straightforward.

The meditation today was major distraction. I don’t know when I will really be at a position to say that I was lost in serene understanding of what I am and how I connect with this universe. I don’t know if I ever will, though the effort continues. At least I can sit for 10 minutes without any major hiccups and I can even say that I’m expecting to take it forward to 20 minutes. All this sounds constructive until I am made to realize perhaps I need meditation.

The Giant is NOT Sleeping

I didn’t write since quite a few days. It might seem like I was off track. The truth is far from it. I have reigned in almost all of the distractions in my life. My life that is basically a preparation to die in peace, maybe not just for me, but for me and my loved ones. Maybe that was the goal always. Spread your seed, do the deed that life wants you to and then perish, but gently and then rest in peace.
At any rate, while I might not be supporting life in it’s mission I know the clock is ticking for me and my loved ones. This is why each day is a grind and inspired by a few people on the internet I make sure that I rise with a renewed hope to earn the sunrise. With that thought, here’s my progress tracker. The days I’m not successful at doing what I should be doing I call myself out.

The BJJ restarts next week. Running is still on the backseat because my ankle is hurting but after BJJ starts running may or may not start in parallel.
Love and Peace,

A signal of the times. Who are we?

Moxie at one end of the spectrum who signifies freedom, technical wizardry and liberation beyond the minute details of day to day life. Moxie, in all probability is not even his real name. He doesn’t need to be identified by his real name because his work identifies him. His work lays the foundation for major messaging platforms around the world. I do not know if he’s attentive to that and if there aren’t a lot of people who’ve written about his enamor and wonderful personality. My guess it there aren’t many who have scrutinized him from that perspective because they haven’t had the need to do that. Yet, his signature lies on almost a billion messages sent across to people across the world every single day.
In a tribe he wouldn’t survive very long but alone he’d go the distance. People in his community wouldn’t understand him or his deal and they would find it hard to look at things from his perspective. As a result, he’s suffer politically.
Adam at the other end who signifies himself as the leader of a technology group while he’s lost in the day to day distractions and attractions of life. There is nothing related to technology about his company and neither is he a leader. He “leads” topically because his structure supports this image of a traditional leader of a tribe. He seems personable and he is tall, which signifies that he has the physical attributes of a leader in the wild. His smile seems genuine and he seems to understand the context of most conversations when he’s intently listening to the on-goings of meetings and directions that are being given to him. In reality he’s just playing along and putting on a face. I don’t know this but I’m speculating.
In a tribe he would be considered the leader because he could rally along everyone to a common cause but he depended on a coterie of advisers. People who would fill in the gaps in his understanding. Unfortunately his advisers and backers seem to have massive gaps of their own. There are people who invested in him and his vision without actually scrutinizing his intent. He might still pull it off and be successful if he can manipulate the masses. He’s perfected the manipulation on a small scale in one on one conversations.
Faith in people and investments as a mirror for societal mindset. Indicative and reflective of the mass mindset and the structure of society today.
However, WeWork and Signal lead very different life-cycles as brands in the minds of the consumer. Most people don’t know about Signal, the app or Signal, the protocol and they don’t care to know about those details. Yet, WeWork is all over the news for the notorious founder, his “exciting” life, the recent public offering of stock among other things. I feel this reaction to the these two companies is a result of the average public mindset today. People have become more topical and transitory in their engagements. There is a lack of depth in relationships, conversations, feelings and the daily on-goings.
Credit culture and how it’s perceived by the people who are driving that culture is something that I would have liked to extend this post into but I’ll reserve that as a separate post for another time.

Love, Light and Peace,