Unsubscriptions and Opinions

I hate to say this but many people feel like charlatans these days. This wasn’t always the case and Naval definitely isn’t a charlatan. There is definitely more context to this that will be explored in due time. However there are many opinions floating around these days and it doesn’t take much to back them up with some sort of graphic or data that has been cherry picked to fit the narrative. In a time like now critical thinking is more required than ever before and its need is only going to increase by the day.
There are themes that seem to repeat themselves in content that I come across these days. Perhaps these themes always existed but I only observe them clearly now. This also makes me think that I don’t need to follow content anymore. It’s time I produced my own work and published it for other beings to look at and learn to live a better life.
In a few weeks I’ll mark four years of living in the United States. I have learned a lot and I have another year to go. If given a chance I would change a few things and try to learn more. After all, what is the purpose of this one wild and crazy adventure? Live, learn and pass it on? Having the goals pinned to the board definitely helps and perhaps I will have an update about them at the end of the calendar year. What then about the other five months? What five months? A bit of Math and you’ll see the magic.
Don’t be deterred by your surroundings. Use everything to your advantage and try to make the best of every situation presented to you. Use the facetiousness of mentors if that encourages you and pretend to understand until you actually begin to understand. If you start the book from the contents each time, the majority of the time you won’t get very far. Instead roll with the flow and approach book reading (like other things in life) as a puzzle. Fit in the pieces and then take a few moments (days) to step back and look at the larger picture.

This Weekend and Non-Return Return

Just another weekend. This weekend was a roller coaster unlike many others. Emotionally, yes but also physically with the now infamous foot. I would have preferred to have been better by now but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet and I’m still hobbling around like a looser without actually getting to run. It’s been almost 4 months since I ran on these feet.
Memories about memories. Some exact others not as much. In all that I have a realization that time has passed and I’m becoming old every day. Does that make life more precious? I don’t know for sure. Aren’t we all just so many ants on an ant hill? I think it’s time to finish this coffee and head out on the bike and enjoy the lovely sun.
I never thought I’d enjoy the weather as much as I do now. Two years in Minnesota perhaps? Either way the sunny day gets a better appreciation from me. There is so much to say and I can just keep going about it but if there was another realization I had from my conversations this weekend it was that I should create more value by publishing my thoughts. Will it be leadership? I don’t know. Will someone benefit from my opinions? I’m pretty confident – the world is the most populous it has ever been and there has to be at least one other person who is going through the many same dilemmas as I am. So where should I post it, here or the other blog?