They bring light into your life as long as you help keep the light on

There was a lot of talk about spirits and souls. The Source sent some information to me and wanted me to contact him. I didn’t see clearly but I could see the white light from the tent… and on and on goes the garbage. A screenshot of the website over at I hate to take credit for this awe inspiring image. Please head over there if you’re lost in life.

Some you can see right through other looks a little more convincing. The internet has a mindbogglingly large repository of blogs, websites, videos that are replete with utter garbage. I too have fallen victim to the noxious content a few times. However I found a cure. Whenever you need to verify or scrutinize the authenticity and understand the source of someone’s intentions follow the money.
Case in point: The Gaia network. Tons of “convincing” interviews, advertisements on YouTube. They also call themselves a “member run organization”. All this is nice, white and glistening until you dig into the security filings documented with the Securities and Exchange Commission. God bless my instructors during the MBA who taught me to read financial reports and pay attention to footnotes in these tricky documents. $500K for the pay of a CEO and that’s without counting all the options and stock that’s on top of the compensation. This CEO of the Gaia network likes to call his organization member led even though he has more 50% of the voting stock and this can decide the fate of the company. And then of course with money like that you can also walk the desert like a free soul, spreading knowledge and light as long as that paycheck gets deposited into the Cayman islands bank account twice a month on the Fridays.

Stay woke and stay critical!