The Frequency Decreases… Yet Again!

No, I’ve been meditating for 66 days continuously now. If anything I can say that it has been having some or maybe no difference at all in my daily life. However, the one change I can definitely tell is that I don’t have any expectations from the practice. In fact, this post is written for the very purpose that I am not going to unravel some great mystery about the universe by this practice. However, I am going to continue to practice every day. I think the expectations one has from life, relationships within that life, and then the outcomes from those expectations are serious detractors in life. The frequency of posting here definitely has decreased and I will attribute that to work getting started all over again.

This post does however mark the merger of my own personal notes and the blog that I am now maintaining as my physical journal. My body of work which will remain after me. Hopefully, someone going through the same trials and tribulations will be able to use this as a reference and not make the same mistakes or perhaps use the steps I took to make it a wonderful life. For me, it was a poem that shaped many of my ideologies since I was young. Not all but some.

“A moment there my buoyant heart hung slack,

And then the glad, barbaric blood came back

Singing a livelier tune; and in my pulse

Beat the great wave that surges and exults …

Why I was there and whither I must go I did not care.

Enough for me to know

The same unresting struggle and the glowing

Beauty of spendthrift-hours, bravely showing

Life, an adventure perilous and gay;

And Death, a long and vivid holiday.”

‘Swimmers’ by Louis Untermeyer

In other news, I have a few drafts that are pending publication here on this blog but I am encouraged to write and write more often. I think I will now write with a sense of urgency because I know that all this privilege I have been afforded should not be wasted. In a related story about making life better each day, I am now almost back to regular running. I did feel something funny in my ankle today but hopefully, the little kinks will unravel as I get more time stamping the tender grounds. Aerobic in Zone 2 is the fad of the day. Perhaps I can get 8 kilometers in each day.

This Weekend and Non-Return Return

Just another weekend. This weekend was a roller coaster unlike many others. Emotionally, yes but also physically with the now infamous foot. I would have preferred to have been better by now but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet and I’m still hobbling around like a looser without actually getting to run. It’s been almost 4 months since I ran on these feet.
Memories about memories. Some exact others not as much. In all that I have a realization that time has passed and I’m becoming old every day. Does that make life more precious? I don’t know for sure. Aren’t we all just so many ants on an ant hill? I think it’s time to finish this coffee and head out on the bike and enjoy the lovely sun.
I never thought I’d enjoy the weather as much as I do now. Two years in Minnesota perhaps? Either way the sunny day gets a better appreciation from me. There is so much to say and I can just keep going about it but if there was another realization I had from my conversations this weekend it was that I should create more value by publishing my thoughts. Will it be leadership? I don’t know. Will someone benefit from my opinions? I’m pretty confident – the world is the most populous it has ever been and there has to be at least one other person who is going through the many same dilemmas as I am. So where should I post it, here or the other blog?