An Intelligible Title

The amount of noise in the system seems to be at an all-time high right now. I wonder if this is just an externalization of what is going on inside my brain or the world is really in a bad shape right now. Almost everyone around me physically and virtually seems to be doing and thinking about things incorrectly. Unfortunately, the time is limited for everyone. The ultimate question is how does one make the most of this limited time?

What does approximately 900 hours of meditation teach one? I don’t know if there is some hidden meaning that will be unravelled after a given amount of time but I’m sure when I get to a point when the feeling won’t be one of sudden realization. Similar to the feeling after any hard endeavor there is a feeling of realization to which one can’t pin-point to and say that “here, this is when things started to make sense“. I think that my takeaway is going to be nothing special but something understood already like this that things eventually pass and that this too shall pass. At the very least I can say that now when I sit down to practice I sometimes instantaneously shift into a frame of mind which disassociates me from my physical presence. This seems mystical but it is not. It is probably most similar to how I feel when I am in a state of extreme pain, sadness or joy.

Looking at the internet and talking to friends and family it seems like people are lost and everyone is grasping at whatever seams seem to give them a semblance of meaning. Some find meaning in family, others follow people they admire for their lifestyles, their business, or some other aspect of their life. Net-net people are not sure about what their life should mean and they are grasping at things that help them give their lives some meaning.

I think first-principles can help in this case but one can quickly turn nihilistic if you look at things too objectively. I think you have to consciously pepper in some amount of emotion while being very conscious and cognizant that you’ve done that. One has to be mindful about how they look at things, events, occurrences, and situations around themselves. At any moment life will spin out of control. Those things that you hold very personal and close to your heart will disappear and shatter, what will all these things mean then? These might be the things that you expect are the things that are closest to your heart or you might not have realized that they were important to you. Is your brain as noisy as well?

2022 Will be the Year

Yesterday while watching David Sachs and J Calacanis from ten years ago I was pushed to write this post. On October 18th in 2009 I was tweeting about climate change. It was innocent but “visionary” at the same time. Maybe not as much but no one in my circle was talking about global warming and definitely no one was talking or tweeting about it on Twitter. I’m sort of in the same situation where I would like to do things that are at the forefront of human ideas. Not necessarily technology but anything that pushes the boundaries of how we think about things.

I’m sitting at this airport and if my blog was monetized enough to sustain my travel around the world that would be enough. Not asking too much, right? I think I also want to add value to my ecosystem as well. That would give me satisfaction and keep me intellectually active.

I think focusing on events of the week and backing up my opinions based on data is something I would like to do going forward. Maybe it helps someone, maybe it helps me to see how this blog trends in future. Either way I think that will be a good addition to the blog posts going forward.

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

I guess this is me executing those ideas.