Jiu Jitsu start makes the day seem less hectic

Today was another hectic day. At work it seems that leadership wants the materials quicker and yet folks are leaving the project rather than staying on. I like this intense part of the project perhaps because everyone is super focused and I can’t afford distractions.

Talking about focus, starting continuously at the screen has been showing it’s affects on my eyes. I’m probably headed to a pair of glasses and weakened eyes. I don’t know if I can or want to do anything to avoid that situation.

The day started with Jiu-Jitsu so it wasn’t going anywhere but down from there. However, when you start the day with learning to choke fools and get choked there isn’t much that’s shaking the Earth under your feet. Unfortunately, it is getting so much harder to take out time for anything besides work. A part of me knows that the more I’m giving to this work the further away I’m getting from it. Not because I don’t like hard work but because I know I’m not getting my due.

This brings me to the ongoing thought about starting my own thing. I know I have the skills but do I have the perseverance? Isn’t this the time when I pursue something that really energizes me? I’m now almost relieved of financial burdens and should pursue something more meaningful without being tied to anything.

30+ days of continuous meditation

I don’t know what to think about them but they have definitely made me think about thinking.

Today was interesting to point at something that wasn’t supposed to be there. I wish this sense of calm that the body feels would be ever present. Not for me but the body. Are those two experiences separate? I don’t know

Perhaps this new state of continual introspection will help me in my new role at work. The new year will be a new job but it’ll be more than that. I know 2022 will be special. I’ll be able to do things that will rise the tide for everyone around me.

I’ve Figured Out Another Way

I’m using a bulky keyboard to type on my 5” phone. After about a decade of trying to be portable I think this is finally the most portable, non-portable thing I have discovered. Anyway, here’s to hoping this crest of “creativity” lasts longer than most of my other attempts.

Where’s the phone you might ask

Well this setup isn’t the most beautiful but it isn’t the worst either. The phone isn’t there in the picture because I very conveniently removed the subject of that picture to take a picture of the subject. Yes, not very bright but gives the idea. A picture is worth a million words and maybe worth a bit lesser when the subject of the picture is missing.

Formulas and Derivations

In order to understand the end state one has to understand how one got there. The derivations in most sciences contain frameworks and methods which are broad in their application. Memorizing them sometimes is difficult but helps to develop an analytical mindset. It helps to break down the equation (the problem or challenge) into its constituent parts and then rejoin the parts into the whole (to understand the weaknesses and strengths). This helps to understand the minutiae. Sometimes when we look at the end result we feel it is an obvious statement or result but it’s usually not if someone has derived it. What this means is that the end result has become intuitive now. For e.g. there is actually a proof for 1+1 = 2. For a very long time there wasn’t a mathematical proof associated with it but when Bertrand Russell wrote Principia Mathematica with his co-author the proof for the equation only came after about 200 pages or so. The material before it was just the buildup. If you look at 1+1=2 you could almost laugh at the need of a proof. But almost 500 years after the Renaissance it still took 200 pages to explain that equation. Easy? I don’t think so. In all honesty I haven’t read it and don’t understand it but then I’m also not a wizard at Mathematics. All that just to say that while proofs might seem tedious and laborious they’re actually important because they not only drive up to the required formula but also create an analytical framework for solving problems.

Now something more contextual and subjective. The MBA is very different from a Masters or a PhD education. Much of the work done during the MBA is like a check in a box to understand the holistic picture. None of the materials go into depth about the subject because the goal is not to understand the details or become a subject matter expert but to understand how to administer a business. You’re usually the second most knowledgeable person in any room but you know how to work with people who are subject matter experts day in and day out. You understand resources and their return on investment and understand what it takes to deliver a work product through a team. It would be easy in some contexts to become the subject matter expert but not in this case. It is more essential and important to understand how those subject matter experts work with each other to create value. In a specialized masters the person pursuing the education intends to become a subject matter expert. That is also the intent of the curriculum in a masters education. An example would be a person intending to become a hedge fund manager versus a person who intends to become a wiz analyst who actually looks at the numbers day in and day out. The same applies to marketing managers versus pricing experts and product or program managers versus product designers.

All these examples are only to say that there is a stark difference between a Masters in a specific subject or field which requires an expertise in understanding the frameworks within a subject. I think one should focus on understanding the derivations and them memorizing them because they develop a way of thinking. It seems simple to follow the derivations but to reproduce them takes a substantial amount of effort. It’s not completely rote memorization because there is a logical flow in most of the equations and all you need to remember is the steps. Once you’re in one of the steps you only have to follow mathematical rules and remember what the end goal is. I think it would be essential to memorize derivations. If I could go back that is one thing I would do in my grade school.

Love and Peace,