These Days

As always this note didn’t belong to the day today but I’m getting to it only today. I’m using a structure from another day. Perhaps an example of structure i.e., no matter what inspired by what allows thought to become legible.

This continues to be relevant today as well. I only got 5k today but I got in 10k yesterday. I don’t feel extremely exhausted but the running is becoming more painful. I’m not sure exactly why that is. I think running every day is a mandatory part of my day. At least until I restart Jiu Jitsu again. That is happening for sure but the motivation keeps changing. 

I have no complaints whatsoever about the work. I do want to accelerate my growth and get to the next level as quickly as possible but I have no complaints whatsoever. I do not want to stick to the 9-5 aspirations though. I want to grow out of the reliance on someone’s decision about how much value I may add and instead refine my output to the extent that I can add value directly. This blog is an effort to that end. However, as it stands right now I have no complaints and I’m gearing up to steadily improve the output value and content. On the day-job note, I have recently been involved in an effort to interview candidates at work. This isn’t something new but I’ve restarted my part in the effort. 

The interviews are a good experience for me. They teach me about a perspective in an interaction that I will find myself in quite a few times in my life. I am usually the interviewee and while one can guess what it feels like to interview there is nothing like the actual experience. I am hopeful that these experiences will make me a better interviewee but also a better communicator in general. Besides this, I’m working on a few things in my day job as well. 

I can’t write much about the new assignments at work but I hope to write a summary of the day’s activities going forward. This was something I had envisioned after I joined the job right after my MBA but I didn’t act on it. Now I plan to change that next week. Hopefully, a daily summary not only does allow me to keep track of everything I’m working on but also make the best decisions. Of course, the management of time will be a big part of it. 

Other than that there are a few pictures that I took this weekend. I continue to upload them to my personal “Instagram“. Maybe there’ll be a section in the book that will be dedicated to images. 

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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