2022 Will be the Year

Yesterday while watching David Sachs and J Calacanis from ten years ago I was pushed to write this post. On October 18th in 2009 I was tweeting about climate change. It was innocent but “visionary” at the same time. Maybe not as much but no one in my circle was talking about global warming and definitely no one was talking or tweeting about it on Twitter. I’m sort of in the same situation where I would like to do things that are at the forefront of human ideas. Not necessarily technology but anything that pushes the boundaries of how we think about things.

I’m sitting at this airport and if my blog was monetized enough to sustain my travel around the world that would be enough. Not asking too much, right? I think I also want to add value to my ecosystem as well. That would give me satisfaction and keep me intellectually active.

I think focusing on events of the week and backing up my opinions based on data is something I would like to do going forward. Maybe it helps someone, maybe it helps me to see how this blog trends in future. Either way I think that will be a good addition to the blog posts going forward.

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

I guess this is me executing those ideas.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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