What I Learned and When Will I Publish?

There are many challenges and you have to keep going despite those challenges. At times you will feel that things are hard to understand and the choices while limited all seem hopeless. You have to keep going on because what you have is a mind incapable of understanding all the variables in the equation. If there were only a couple of drivers it would have been easy to understand but there are in fact just too many.
Among other challenges, there are people who have their own challenges and yet each of those individuals has their own stories and have their own perspectives. Many of the times these perspectives only help deteriorate the condition even more.
I think the book that I am writing on the side will only come out when it’s close to 50,000 or more. At that moment I probably will be ready to print the manuscript. I don’t think I will self-publish the book and will instead go the route where I go to market via a publisher. I’m manifesting whatever I want to happen because I think that’s the way to go when I am facing hiccups like the ones mentioned above.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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