Documentation of the day

Be proud of what you wrote. If I was to write anything about anyone or anything. The issues would be complicated and the things I say perhaps won’t even be understood by me at a later time. Would I be worried about things that I wrote at a later time? Would I be worried about how I framed things and whether I should have framed them another way? Perhaps, but should I take that risk and let things slide and not write about them?

What I said above is not related to what I am writing in this block. This blog and its posts are as incoherent as me but being coherent should be a priority when it is important. Looking at my old blog posts it almost seems like it is exactly that which need to be documented for the purpose of getting to know someone. I know someday that will be relevant.

After being on a 19-day streak of meditation I finally feel it’s pervading my other parts of existence. I will not say that I’m more conscious but it’s something. A change perhaps another few weeks of hurting back will lead me to become more resistant to the monkey mind. Not as if a hurting back is the only reason for the monkey mind but it’s just one of the more prominent disturbances, might I call it a nuinsance.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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