It Is Hard

It seems like I might have written an article with a similar headline before. De javu would not be the correct term because this is not the feeling associated with a situation. I wanted to write because I had a few conversations recently and I thought putting pen to paper or pixels to the screen would be a good idea. On a separate note if one struggles to write following the period after each sentence is that writer’s block? Sometimes I feel like my writing might just be as phenomonal as D.F. Wallace and other times I think I’m only one of those lost guests on an episode in a coversation that’s a trainwreck right from ‘Hello!’. Probably evidence that I’m not even a writer.

I have been struggling to call out to nuance but something tells me that too much nuance also leads to a standstill.

Ah, yes! The rail route that I have been staring at on one of the tabs in the browser. Sometimes I think maybe I should create a policy to restrict the number of tabs that I have open. Maybe that would help get more done. The Crescent is the only route that runs via Atlanta. It connects New York to New Orleans, both of which then can help connect to cities further west or east. This is number of options I should have for content on my internet browser as well. Does layered sarcasm eventually become the truth without any layers of cynicism? I’m not sure of that but I do know that my style of thinking has caused myself to be accused of being right wing as well as left wing and then also caused people to be confused by my stances on side of that mind numbingly naive spectrum. It’s funny that there’s just a single train that runs through Atlanta when this city used to be a hub of sorts for the railways. Maybe this was another conspiracy to clip the free bird of her wings.

When you have all these options perhaps the wisest of them all is the Jack who has figured out that to specialize means to climb a tree he wasn’t meant to climb. If Jack was a gifted runner and bedazzeled everyone in his audience it would be rather tragic if he decided to get into mountain climbing. Perhaps only if all this were very obvious to the observer and Jack himself. Most times things like that aren’t as obvious and if they aren’t then perhaps he woudn’t know and in all probabilty he would pursue something for which he wouldn’t know that he was gifted. In that circumstance perhaps it is better to dip your toes in every river that you come by in this journey of life. Perhaps the thrill of enjoying things is what is purpose. Of course the mind says but there have to be some principles, some morals, some guidance? Of course there does the heart agrees. It wouldn’t be a thrill if there weren’t some rules.

Perhaps the stoics were determined to define a set of values and what is left of their teachings is a set of cold rules that now lead to people to believe that all they need to do is suffer. Maybe that’s not what majority of the people think, it’s certainly not what I look at the philosophy as being. Talking about only stoic philosophy it is incredible that someone actually wrote a book about this philosophy that is now on a best sellers list. Of course, I know that the market works that way and it could be that’s what is great about how this gets out to the people. It is valued by a free and fair market and the signal that it is now on a best selling list indicates it is highly valued. Sales define some sort of value. What I’m not sure about is that they define the same sort of values that the stoics spoke about. What I am sure about is that if persevearance, honesty, hard work aren’t part of the equation then the picture isn’t complete. If not these there have to be some sort of predefined values and those need to be spelled out. After all a rolling stone in fact does not gather any moss.

This may eventually be my escape from this realm but if not there has to be a place where things connect. A place where things come to conclusion and all the dots connect to make sense. There are too many loose threads and there is too much that is at stake but to make sense of it all I need to stay the course and dive into the details. At one moment you want to add value to improve existence and at the other you just want to run away from it all. I’m not alone in this mindset but one has to persevere. Things are not always going to be on the up and up and you have to make lists and you have to cross out things to do… All one step at a time.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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