Lucid Dreams

There is greed. There is hunger. There is failure and fumbling. You have to keep going and stay focused on what you need to do. You are alone. You were delivered through someone to tie the bond harder but you are all alone. The meaning is drowning in all that noise but you are all alone. There is no one that can help you and there is no one inside you that needs any help. You just need to exist and then perish.
There is love. There are dreams. There’s fresh green grass and flowers blooming on the cliff below which there’s a beautiful green ocean. There is success and growth higher and higher. You have to stop and stare. There might be people around and yet you might feel you have a family. You might indeed have a family. The meaning should be hidden somewhere in all this. You just need to perish and perhaps be reborn.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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