Thoughts and Actions

In all honesty, this below is an old post that has now marinated long enough in my inbox. I think it should get up on the blog, irrespective of the many errors it might contain. The idea is to keep publishing and then edit and refine at a later stage.

In a recent conversation at work I touched and talked about a few trivial topics that eventually became discussions that snowballed into larger conversations of greater importance. I think it is important to have structure to thought and always bear composure, no matter what the odds of failure at the given moment. My experiences at business school, engineering and then in an international work environment have helped me develop a few tangible and intangible skills that lend me a lens to look at the world in a particular way.

The MBA degree helped me look at opportunities and life from a costs and returns perspective. Though my natural tendency is to sit and ponder in life about the purpose of life and the existential dilemma this new line of thinking is out of my comfort zone. However it has been additive for me and has helped me understand about processes and systems, and how they guide to the end result. Most importantly it has helped me to think about value. I would like to participate in the regulation and administration of systems while paying attention to how they add value to larger system of human progress.

Talking about systems, I was recently informed about how law works. I was surprised to find out that the legal system, especially the lawyers are not regulated by the government and instead the bar. I knew about the existence of the bar but did not know that it was self-regulated. I didn’t know that the practices of lawyers and doctors are not adjudicated by the legal systems but in fact by a system that is created and regulated by the bar. Yes, there are rules but those rules are completely under the purview of the bar and there is no external check and balance to regulate them. Now, looking back it’s not that surprising because it seems to be just like another organization that is private. However, the fact that they control or have so much power and they are not checked by an external authority is still surprising.

In other news, I have started BJJ after a break of my injury. Now I haven’t fully recovered but I couldn’t keep myself away from not practicing and learning. I have spent enough time in my life not pursuing something that exhausts me. I picked up running a bit late in my life and then just a month into BJJ I seemed to injure myself. So, I’m trying not to take a long break. This weekend I will be traveling again and hence I need to make sure that I put in as many hours as possible.

In further more random news even more unrelated, back in grade 9 I wanted to get into animation and even downloaded modules to learn how to build Flash animation. Had I stuck only with that, I’m not sure where I would be today but definitely have a niche expertise in something which is very useful but very topical.

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