When the forests is burning do you put out the fire or plant more trees?

What if we had limited resources and could only do one over the other for almost ever in life?

Greta Thunberg is angry. Lots of people are angry. But anger without doing something other than protesting and making speeches won’t protect the environment or do much else than produce more anger.” – Jake Novak on cnbc.com

Making speeches is part of the process. You communicate the problem in the most effective way possible and raise awareness to a level where people who are better equipped to deal with the situation start to deal with the situation. At the same time you can’t ignore the choices you make as an individual. You create pollution the day you’re born and start creating carbon dioxide. Does that mean that children

When riots go haywire

People can get hurt and more can be lost than gained. Sometimes it’s the best to think about how things can be solved than just speak up about what all is going wrong. Man is a rational animal and if one sees another doing the right thing they will adopt and adapt.

The terminator is vegan mf*****r!

Shouted out Nate Diaz. Among other things, his choices in life speak volumes about how the person thinks about life. His choices cannot be explained well because he struggles to communicate via words. Having grown up in an environment where bullies got the best and the rest meant nothing, you live to die another die. You’re scraping for resources and driving results from whatever you have in your hand because your pockets are empty. Having grown up in such an environment you can’t develop hypothetical thinking and talk about how you prefer the socratic or pre socratic method of instruction. You only listen and just act. If things end up badly for you, you look at the next turn in the road.

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