I know you see me seeing you

Wearing a shirt called busy being awesome but harassed along the way by people from most classes

My frame gave me away but my will was unmatched. Inimitable, as he said it with style. Maybe in another universe I was another animal or maybe not so distant after all. Perhaps just another being, more privileged and successful. Perhaps my empathy connected my other being with me but would you understand if I met you?

Fantasies of the mind are just that, immaculate yet believable fantasies because on their very base they were built upon logic that does not transcend first principles. Almost like Gödel’s theorem about a system’s incompleteness.

Yet if you see this then why do we suffer? Why can’t I look at you the way you look at me? Why don’t I influence you? You behave as if you are unperturbed and even if you’re thinking all these things you continue with your life. Trampling all your values and going against your wishes. You don’t believe that I can access this. You’re doing yourself a favor by ridding yourself of this weight.

Why do you think I’m writing all this? All these versions of me looking at me. It’s painful but I also know that I’m not final. I know you see where I’ve derived my inspiration from but how is it like getting inspired by yourself. All these games I’m playing to keep myself engaged. I’ve not given way to frustration because I know everything I am saying, that I think is useful has already been recorded and incorporated into something somewhere.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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