The Internet

I was 13 years old and didn’t have a lot of information about how to explain the internet to someone. Not only did I not have the information I do not think I was as gifted with my communication either. That someone was my grandfather who was in his early eighties. His question was borne out of sheer curiousity when I helped connect my cousin’s laptop through a dial up connection to the internet. Now my grandparent’s house didn’t have any internet connection and they didn’t have a modem or anything of the sort but I understood that laptops have modems and tried to use a trial method that was provided to experience the internet for new users of MTNL. After a few beeps and bops it worked and this intruiged my grandfather. I remember this because today Coldfusion released a video that was very similar and explaining the internet and it’s stakeholders. Interesting if I could just go back in time and show him this video.

Have a good day ahead!

P.S. This was an old post that was just lying in my drafts. I didn’t go through the post but liked the image and the topic and hence just hit publish!

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