The Car Camper or Just Artificial Solitude

I went for a car camping trip for the second time in my life. What a trip it was! I loved the excitement that awaited us at every turn. The planning that we thought was adequate and the decisions that were made on the way that turned out to be the best, were all part of the package. A substantial amount of money got spent eventually but the experiences will live on. What could be changed I thought after all was said an done? Was anything over done? Was anything missing in part because of something that I could have done? No, I was rightly called the machine on the trip. I gave it all and then more than that.
I missed company though. I feel I enjoyed thoroughly the first time. Yes, I did more than I had the first time but I was limited in what I could experience. In my head maybe? Was it too goo and now I’m finding faults to moderate the experience? Perhaps. I slept comfortably without a mattress which I had not thought would be such a big issue and I climbed Mt. Whitney just fine, which I thought would have been an issue. I didn’t use the oxygen and I didn’t need the extra clothing. I did need and ice axe, which I bought and literally walked a ledge that could have been the end of the dream.
What would I do the next time? I’ll take some temperature adaptive clothes and I’ll take a dedicated bottle for water. I’ll make a great playlist of songs and perhaps rent a 4×4 high clearance jeep. I’ll get some more things but I know that none of them will complete what was missing in the trip. Buckskin Gulch didn’t have a flash flood but traversing the deepest canyon wasn’t exciting enought so I ran through it. I traversed the canyon inside out and sweat through the sweltering heat. I didn’t drive throughout the trip, was that missing? Maybe.
And then the trip came to an end. I parted ways with another shortcut. I wasn’t taking a shortcut on horshoebend, the route was exciting. I sat patiently on the edge, laughing away without distubing the mountain that stared back so determined in it’s solitude. I respect it and I respect the wind and water that carved it. It doesn’t matter what all I told them, they never talked back. Were they so strong in their resolve? So determined in their solitude? Was I happy in my solitude? I don’t need any external gratification. I have never needed any external gratification. What then do I change the next time? Do I go higher, faster, lighter and more determined? Do I go alone?

Quote for today probably attributed to Banksy

-"Keep your coins, I want change!"

Love and Peace,

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