Phew! Two Steps Forward and One more Forward

So, I am now moving to Atlanta and also ready to pass on advice. The past two years have been exhilirating, dissapointing at times, turbulent at others and everything in between. All in all I’m now going to continue my career in another new city this time. I’m glad that I could make something of my educational endeavors from the past two years.

I’ve walked around quite a bit today. I got some time to think, ponder about life and stuff. You know the conundrum of life. What is the it that is the way it is? So my travels through the city took to to new places I hadn’t visited before in the cities. Soon I will travel to the Hindu Temple of Minneapolis. Why? Because it came up in conversation with a friend two minutes ago.

You might be curious what I’m doing right now. I’ve got a job, I’m set to go to another city and things are looking up but what am I doing? I’m headed on a trip to Mt. Whitney soon before which I’ll roam the Hindu temples of Minneapolis. Yesterday I biked about 10 miles around the cities. I bought my self a few things to take me through the hike up Mt. Whitney and then also booked a few tours of places for rent in Atlanta. Those are a few things. I also watched more than a couple of movies. Not many entertainers but more from a perspective to learn something more. Learn I did.

The pace of change has increased. That means things are changing obviously but they’re also changing very fast. I’m surfing a little, trying to control things a little more but mostly just going with the tide. I think I’m in control and pretending to look good while understanding very well that I’m not in control. That fills me up with gratitude and it might not always be evident. What I’m thinking right now is rules of engagement and terms of endearment. What does that mean?

I’ve started listening to Radiohead all over again. I remember the first time I heard it. I was probably in 5th or 6th grade or maybe even earlier. So for today here’s the video from Radiohead’s album Pablo Honey. Maybe I should write more?

No, I’m done for today. Stay focused, happy and grow!

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