Maryam Mirzakhani

I saw this and my heart just filled up with sadness. Quite the opposite of frisson or ASMR. Why does the world not miss her anymore? Why didn’t I know who she was when she was alive? I want to go back to the world where people of prominence filled my life. I want to go back to that child like wonder where I kept wondering what F = ma was really the reason behind the milky way rotating and revolving around itself and then later discover that it rotated around the centre of mass of a black hole in the centre. I want to have those confusing conversations that were only sentences and not precise.

I have been engrossed and enamored with the lives of mathematicians for the past few days and I’m seriously contemplating delving deeper into the subject. I’m fascinated by the stories and how our world is connected with and underlying fabric of space and time that itself is held together by some common laws. All of this is that stems from a basic understanding that when you put two things together they both individually exist and combined they are two.

Love and Peace,

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