Stay On The Right Track

You know what I find disgusting is when religion puts on a garb of love and kindness and drowns everything inside that and just overpowers all human emotions by that love and kindness. Why do I get overcome by a feeling of disgust? I don’t think anyone can or should be 100% anything. Human beings are perfect because they are flawed. Their beauty lies in the cracks. Their beauty lies in the anger. Their beauty lies in the their love. Nothing is complete and overpowering. When I hear someone say that discipline will take you the 90% but to get to the 100% you need to bend your knee to christ I am overcome with disdain. Who is he that tells me what needs to be done? And what makes him or her so convinced that accepting the authority of something they have accepted as authority is going to solve my problems? Is life that simple? Are things that easy to attain? No, I think there’s some moral victory in the person who is asking me to accept what they have accepted. I just think for one person who is so flawed to tell another person who is so flawed that bending a knee, praying in a direction or wearing a rosary is going to solve problems I see the symbolism. I see the longing to belong to a tribe. I see a call for power over another. No sir, I’m sorry I cannot bend the knee. I will wake up at 4AM, work at the gym, prepare for my interviews, study tirelessly, help who I can and be humble and confident with discipline guiding the way but if I am still not able to achieve what I need in life then maybe I don’t deserve it. If I have to bend my knee to Jesus to achieve perhaps all those other things are not required anyway. Maybe I’ll learn with time for now I’m not convinced.

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