Where is the love?

I’m in a position where I have found love and angels on Earth. They have real faces and you can touch and feel them. I want to say at the outset if this breaks my heart ever in the future then mending it will almost be impossible. I’m on sensitive territory here because I’ve put my full faith in these people. Chris is someone who make a weekly vlog of kids who need special attention. Everything he’s doing on his Youtube channel has purpose and everything that has inspired me about him is real. He’s almost a renewed Mr. Rogers. In this day and age humanity needs more people like him. Here’s it is:

Lately, I was disillusioned by a lot of things around me. I’m currently interviewing and trying to get a job. That feeling and those experiences inevitably come with a lot of rejections, trials and tribulations but I’ve seen hope. Not by the process or the people specifically or even my future but the amount of good that’s possible in the world and that i’m struggling to find through my process of trying to score a job. In the very near future I’ll find a job I’m confident. I’ll add value to the society I’m confident in myself. What I’m very happy about is that these people are doing such great things. In future when I’ll be in possession or control of resources I’ll make sure that these people are the ones I surround myself with at all times. I’m full of hope for the future. I would love for these people to achieve everything they want to in life.


Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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