Equality And Protections For Minorities

I think some solution (in this case any cause that we think brings about a desired effect, which may or may not be the case in every situation) is better than no solution according to most people and that’s what drives progress (or what we think is progress) in most developed economies today. This idea about progress and how we define it is actually my argument. Right now we’re talking about gender, at other times we talk about it by other segments or divisions. Is it correct to talk about the rights in segments of people? Can a people be divided continuously into groups and then provided accommodations they need? I think most of these arguments and attempts will come down to a segment of one, like in economics or marketing. That will be the most fitting segment or classification. Anything else will be a compromise. The perfect segment where choices and preferences are exactly tailored to that one case or individual.

Right now I don’t know if we correctly understand value. I think the understanding that capital and accumulation of capital is progress is what I primarily debate and go on with myself about. I think if we I use that analogy of a segment of one it essentially becomes the need of an individual down to human dignity and respecting a person for what they are, for who they, are irrespective of what they are at that point in time. I think that is what the focus should be on at all times. Unfortunately, that is not the case presently. We’re in a continuous exercise to divide people and understand their needs. Failing continuously and then redefining our segments again. Yes, it is a suitable use of resources when we can treat a group as a collection and then cater to their needs. Doing more with less and just like Porter says strategy is knowing what we shouldn’t be doing and what we should be doing with limited resources, right? Wrong. I don’t think that’s the case when it’s comes to human beings. I do not think we need to be or should be divided into groups or segments. I don’t think people can or should be bucketed and then rules applied to those segments. I think we need to learn to teach and learn to respect and understand basic human dignity. Not based on gender, color, orientation of faith or belief. Impractical? Perhaps because we rely or systems that teach us to do more with less and optimize so that we consume in groups.

I feel in most developed economies there is a reliance on the rule of law. Consequently, there is an industry that has sprung out of the manipulation of law and so and so forth for almost every process and system there is in place. Sometimes the rule of law and implementation of processes is what most people will attribute as the reason for success of the developed western economies (mistakenly as you correctly pointed out earlier today). I think there needs to be a stress on fundamental human dignity irrespective of who or what the person is or does. This reliance on processes is great but it doesn’t define human beings and how they function. We don’t thrive in recursive loops, optimized to the t when everything is measured down to a millimeter. Yes, we are in an endeavor to understand how we can quantify everything but it’s the random errors and defects that make each of us so beautiful and unique. Creation of a common system to enforce a structure is just another opportunity to create loopholes. A reliance on a rule of law to provide preferential treatment might seem to benefit society today but like many things we as a species do, it might be short sighted and end up being a band aid fix on a much larger problem. And, in an economy where capital decides the winners, there will be people with varying access to agency, the rule of law and everything else that the system brings. Equality? Yes definitely but as opposed to a system that creates an artificially enforced equality there needs to be a sense of equality that springs from a sense of human dignity and value associated with existence which needs to cultivated in the people. Not value that is determined accumulation of capital but the value associated from qualities that are more innate to the human experience.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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