Faster, Stronger, Faster

So disturbed because of my lack at scoring a job. It’s wierd I need confidence but the more I’m delayed the more setback I am in confidence. I think I realize that all this is not something in my control and all I can do is pour my energy in work in making myself better. Hold it there, says my conscience. What about pouring it in the right direction? I don’t know. Maybe I should believe more in serendipity? I think if I work hard I’ll get what I deserve. Not what I want. I don’t want much but I want to learn and distribute knowledge. And what about getting paid for that says my conscience. Yes, that too. Then why am I saying that I don’t need anything?

Yes, it’s complicated but I’m up for the challenge. I cannot afford to lose any more time. I have wasted enough time already.

Love and Peace,

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