The Interview

I think this was the most I had ever prepared for a job interview. I prepared the case questions. My stories, in that oh-so-desirable STAR format and the rest. Unofrtunately, I don’t think much came of it. I am motivated though. I am inspired to hunt and secure a place in this competitive set of people. I think I am enjoying the learning curve and I am steadily getting closer to the ultimate goal of finding my place. I understand how businesses interact and how the economy is working. I can add value by recognizing merit and stimulating people. I can connect with people and push them to do better and there you have it. Some of the reason why I’m running this race.

More than anything though I have debts to pay. Not the monetary kind. You might wonder what other kinds are there? Well, for starters a lot has been invested in me. I don’t see it as a burden I’m inspired. I’m inspired by this little woman who did so much despite all the odds against her. She kept her focus and kept going. I want to do something for her. I want her to realize that all that has not gone to waste. A mother is magical. I realize this is human but in this unreal existene this character plays an important part.

Among other things there also are firms that I’d like to work with and do better things for the world. A lot of companies are turning to do good not because it’s a regulatory requirement but because the whole company is formed around this message of making the place a better place. It’s either the founder or the group of leaders that want to do better by creating something of value or fight against things that are destroying value in this world. I want to be associated with these companies. I’m not driven by a goal of personal accomplishment as much as I have these things around me. I think this is a part of growing up and realizing that there is more than you could ever learn and the only way to add value is to listen to this inner calling. I realize much of this has been unstructured and I had come to like structure during my preparation for these case interviews. Hopefully, something will come out of all my preparation. I know I will find a place that I will enjoy in and will be in a position of influence very soon. I need to step onto that mantle and take what is mine!

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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