Options and Paths

Three years ago I was still in go to Singapore and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but there were a lot of options on the table. I was looking at different avenues I knew I had different chains of thought but I wasn’t sure of the direction I can or should pursue. Three years back I was in Gurgaon and I was in a job that I didn’t like too much but I know that I had spent quite a bit of time in an organization that wasn’t rewarding me and I wasn’t really progressing. My last assignment was in a good business unit of the organization and in the past one year I had traveled to more than three or four countries. The opportunity to meet a good number different business partners in the headquarters different customers across segments in different countries was encouraging but it wasn’t translating into a financial gain or growth. Yes, the blame could have been on me but whatever the case I wasn’t progressing. Now switching to the present, I’m at the final steps of my MBA and I am still trying to find out where I want to work. A majority of my classmates have already netted a job and that’s great but I am still looking for a job. I think part of the reason is I wasn’t clear where to start when I set out. However, now I know I want to be part of the organization that has a positive impact. I know managing a business means making profit but it also means talking to customers developing those relationships and administering relationships across an industry by adding value through your enterprise. Maybe create products or it may even be great services where you make a profit that’s how you grow but one can invest those profits back into the business. It can be a completely sustainable and this business does not need to be an enterprise that stands up on the shoulders of the least privelaged in society. A society where such enterprise have led it to it going downhill. I think that realization has been what I have learned in the past three years and I am now equipped and I can lead people to this vision. I can lead people to believe that we can have a positive impact on this planet.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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