Pure Plant Nation

When I started watching pure plant nation, I felt like it was another one of those documentaries which are actually marketing but covered up as a documentary. However, it wasn’t the case. It was encouraging and good. It was the right message that needs to be spread today. There are many around who purport the benefits of one thing over the other. However a balance is required and this documentary elaborates that. I liked it and will continue to promote it. If and when I hear something against it I will let you know and I will update my views but for now I think I am convinced that it is the right message.

Here’s the movie as it was launched on YouTube

Funny there was a doctor in the documentary who mentioned something about cigarettes that I have used as an example in the past. People don’t quit things because they know that they’re not right for them. They continue to do them because human beings are erroneous and complicated. Something that I wholeheartedly agree with is that the capital market allows people opportunity. Opportunity to sell. Opportunity to buy. This is great when your product is good but this also creates noise. When those who can create more noise and let their product populate the market, even if their product is not good, they acheive a good amount of sales. This helps them recoupe their costs and the cycle continues to propogate. The same is true for medical device manufacturers. While band-aids help would the band-aid company run into losses if people stop getting injured? What would the band-aid company do then?

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