Getting to Canada

Here’s some opinions about the Express Entry into Canada.

Federal skilled labor employment category
Express Entry: Eligibility, The Pool(if you have enough points), Invitation to Apply

Other ways:
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – at least one year of work experience in Canada
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) – the main category, does not require work experience in Canada and has min language scores. A person needs at least 67 points/ 100 points

Express Entry:-
Step 1:
Get the points! How?
Age – 12 points max (between the ages of 18 – 35)
Education – 25 points max (Bachelor 21, Masters 23 points, )
Work experience – 15 points at max
Adaptability – 10 points max (reflects external positive)
Arranged Employment – An employer can sponsor you
Language Skills – English / French – 24 max

Step 2: Comprehensive ranking system :- total 1200 points, core 600 and additional 600 points

Minimum score 440 points in the past few months (this depends on the number of applicants in the pool)

Primary/ Core:
Age – 110
Education – 150
Lang – 160
Canadian Work Exp – 80
Skill TRansferability – 100

Additional Factors:
Check out the online CRS tool – I have 556 points right now

Step 3:

60 days to submit application after invitation is received
Education Equivalency
Police Certificates
Medical Exam
And More…
Proof of funds – for a single person you must show US$10,000 in the bank account

$550 application fee
Before you put the profile into the express entry pool get all the documents together.

Provincial Nominee Program
Provinces sponsor for specific requirement they might have…

Permanent Residency –

PRs can sponsor family (parents) as soon as you have an income threshold…
After 3 years of being on a PR you are eligible to become a citizen

Let me know in case of any questions! In case I don’t have the answers, I know a few people who can get you the answers!

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