Continuation of an idea a day!

Despite having all these ideas I’ve never put them into words so I think it would be a good idea (meta idea) to start writing stuff down and I start recording these blurbs. When I was 15 I had the idea for something similar to Hyperloop or at least something of the sort that fulfilled the need to be at different places, traveling through tunnel cutting through mountains. Then I also had an idea about trolley cars they way they are being implemented in Medellin. Although, I’ve had ideas I’ve never implemented them. In 10th grade, I also wanted to create a drone… great idea… using an AC motor… bad idea… My best friend and I collected all the materials white boarded ideas but we never actually ended up making something.

Today I had an idea to create a network for meeting up. A network that brought together people when they want to run, when they want to learn marketing, when they want to come together, for a cause, for learning, for hanging out? Back in India we don’t have website where people can throw events up on a calendar and wait for people to respond. Yes Facebook is there but that’s more for connecting people it’s not as convenient to set up events look for location and all of that. There is too much noise on Facebook.

In other news, today I hit 23 minutes and 50 seconds for a 5 kilometer run, that’s 10 seconds better than the last time. Coming less than a month after my second marathon, this is good.

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