And Then I Spoke

It wasn’t a wait. It seemed I was observing everything. The world moved around at it’s own pace. There was Apple, a trillion dollar company that launched yet another iPhone. There is my school which carries on its recruiting activities and there are people that kept on moving on.
Yet in all that there are so many people living their own lives. Each one has a story. Perhaps each one feels special. More than a billion perspectives. All one large organism. What happens when I’m mindful? Do I stop and observe each occurrence? Do I even stop or should I just continue to wave by and say hello to everyone around on my way. My thoughts aren’t coherent. Analytical? Ha!
Tomorrow I go into my Project Management course. I have high expectations. After all I want to take something away from my MBA experience. I want to develop "skills", that help me create value. Skills that help me solve problems and ignore the noise. On another front I have the Amazon interview preparation that I need to do. I’m applying to more than a couple of companies right now. I’ll document my experience. Hopefully it will help someone out there who is trying to get an internship or looking at a an MBA as a path to a potential career.
If you are interested in following this blog let me know. Maybe that will give me some added stimulus to write and churn out more writings.
Love and Peace,

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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