My Name

I pronounced my name more than 50 times. All the while I kept wondering am I self-obsessed? I remember my Hindi teacher in 7th grade told us that if we kept putting our signature everywhere there’s something psychologically wrong us. Now out of context that seems ridiculous. It seems like one of those Floyd videos that goes “Teachers!…”. However she was a conservative person and she was speaking to a notorious student who had written nothing but put his signature in his test answer sheet or homework assignment copy. I don’t remember where he did it exactly. But I saw what she meant by it and evidently it’s stuck with me for all this while because I saw some truth in it even out of that context.

All that while that I was pronouncing my name, I was instigated by someone speaking in a foreign accent. I wondered what is correct in language? If I want to speak English correctly and have attempted to for the most of my life then shouldn’t I also speak traditional names correctly? Not just mine but also every other ethnic, foreign, name in a language other than English. That was my endeavor and I was getting a feel for the correct pronunciation of my name. More often than not I tend not to speak my second name because I myself find it awkward in pronunciation. That made me wonder why I wasn’t more mindful about how I pronounce my name like it is supposed to be. I am very conscious about pronunciation of most other words in English, then why not my own name in whatever the correct accent.

All of this thought brought me to the conclusion that I should have my blog where I can present my perspectives. The name was inspired by an early aspiration to own my own company. I have this chess board at home which has some four panels which describe what I want to do in life. I made them perhaps when I was only 14 or 15 but I use them as my go-to for things that inspire me. I feel we as human beings keep struggling to return to our childhood for the rest of our lives and attempt to do that via various means. Maybe buy a property in a location that resembles our home growing up, invest in technology because we were fascinated by it or attempt to connect people because we had a “friends’ circle” when we were young.

I can clearly see that not all the opinions here have a logical flow but that’s okay. I’ll try to keep this stream of content here flowing and we can worry about logical fallacies and accuracy for the rest of the time.

Let us converse about this beautiful and insane life!

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